Assignment with 300+ physican medical practice completed.

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Medical Practice

Lavallee &  Associates completes assignment for regional bank.

Lavallee & Associates recently completed a 3 month assignment with a 300+ physician medical practice.  The company was experiencing cash flow problems, significant turnover in staff and management positions, and credibility issues with their secured lender.  The secured lender contracted us to assess the company's cash flow and collateral, determine reasons for the high employee turnover rate and to determine the accuracy of bank reports.  After the initial consultation with the company, the lender modified the scope of our assignment to include projections and daily cash flows.   Upon expiration of the company's line of credit and term loan, the bank entered into a forbearance agreement with the company.  Lavallee & Associates continued to assist the bank by monitoring the daily cash flow and  operations at the practice's headquarters while the company sought a new lender. 

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Injection Molding Manufacturer

Lavallee & Associates hired to implement liquidation for injection molding  manufacturer in Rhode Island.

Lavallee & Associates was hired by an international bank as their agent to implement a liquidation plan for a plastic injection molding facility in Rhode Island .  Upon the closing of the business, the plan implemented included the collection of  the company's outstanding receivables, the return of several hundred customer-owned molds, arranging for the removal of unclaimed molds, coordinating the removal of customer-owned equipment and material, arranging for the sale of WIP and FG products to the customer base, hiring and monitoring subcontractors.

Fine Dining Restaurant

Lavallee & Associates hired as Receivership Business Consultant.

Lavallee & Associates was hired by a Rhode Island Receiver (with court approval) to assist in the development of a business plan for a fine dining restaurant.  Based upon our analysis, it was determined the sale of the restaurant as an on-going business would be in the best interest of its creditors.  Lavallee & Associates created a daily cash monitoring system in conjunction with the restaurant's POS system to monitor the daily  receipts.  We also monitored the metrics (sales, gift certificate usage, number of diners, number of compensated meals, food/beverage orders, etc.) of the company daily and advised the receiver until the restaurant was sold.