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Insolvency Services

We work with a client's organzation and legal team  to restructure a business effectively and efficiently.

Sometimes, a corporate restructuring will involve a client's need to restructure its financial debt.  At Lavallee & Associates, we are well versed in all aspects of insolvency issues and have experience working with companies and their legal advisors on a variety of bankruptcy and insolvency options.

Unfortunately, there are also times when a company must be closed and their assets liquidated.  We work with teams of experienced professionals in a variety of industries to ensure assets are liquidated quickly and at an optimum value for the lenders, creditors and owners.

Our Insolvency Services include:

  • Liquidation Planning
  • Liquidation Implementation
  • Chapter 11 Pre-Petition Planning
  • Out-of-Court Debt Restructuring
  • Court-Appointed Business Advisor
  • Court-Appointed Receiver
  • Court-Appointed Chapter 11 Business Advisor
  • Assignee-Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors